The House of Lovers, secrets and mysteries between the ancient walls of Pompeii

Posted on 06/29/2017

The House of Lovers, secrets and mysteries between the ancient walls of Pompeii

If you are visiting Pompeii in the wonderful atmosphere of the Pompeii Ruins, among the villas and the buildings that have come back from the past we have the House of Lovers.

The house owes its name to a Latin inscription on the right of the entrance:

Amantes, ut apes, vita(m) mellita(m) exigunt. Velle.

"Lovers like bees pass a sweet life like honey. I wish it was so. "

It has three male names beside it, and this has meant that the house was destined to be a brothel.The structure should date back to the 1st century B.C according to the style of the exterior, the decorations belong to a period after the 62 A.C. and paintings represent life and landscapes, with mollusks and fish in idyllic landscapes.

The wall of the entrance presents the same kind of dead nature depicted inside the medallions. In the tunnel on the left, the decoration is very complex, as in the right wall there is a niche, probably a lamp, with a wooden ladder leading upstairs to the back of the façade where there was the store and the houses of the servants.

Some rooms remained intact: the first was used as shelving with shelves; the second had a cobble floor, probably representing the wing of the third one, but we do not know the destination precisely, which is sure to have decorations with crocodiles and sphinxes.

The building lacks a tableland, a strange thing for Pompeian homes, because you can go directly to the peristyle where we find columns of Tuscan order.

In the triclinium are portrayed Mars and Venus in flight, paintings with lovers, ideal couples and many animals or landscapes views. The central painting is the most important and represents the mythological image of Dido's abandonment with the revenge sword in his hand.

She is accompanied by her sister Anna and Isis-Nemesi. Isis is represented with the cobra on the forehead symbol of revenge and the misfortunes that will fall on Aeneas and his descendants. The contiguous wall boasts the portrayal of Arianna, another woman who has been abandoned, which is discovered by Bacchus during his sleep.

In addition to the peristyle we find three more small rooms, each of which has a truncated floor with patterns in white tiles, unfortunately the walls of these rooms were battered by the excavator's attempts to penetrate inside. There are no furniture in the room, but some clues show that the house was inhabited during the eruption.

In short, the structure allows you to immerse yourself in the past to discover the stories and identities of Pompeii, with the mysteries and secrets that lie behind its walls. Are you not curious?


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