Things to see in Naples, the beautiful and damned city

Posted on 06/18/2017

Things to see in Naples, the beautiful and damned city

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rich of History and traditions. Are you ready? Let’s start! The origins of Naples  dates back to the legend of a marmaid, her name was Partenope and according she was refused by Ulysses, so she decided to kill herself and her body was founded by people on the coast of Naples, where today Castel dell’ Ovo is  settled e where people thinks she is buried. Naples is a city divided between beauty and degradation, but it boasts a priceless heritage of places, history and good cooking. Now we will discover the places to visit in Naples:

Naples Underground is a mystic place that had a lot of function, such as a refuge during the bombardments and spring of water. There are two itinerary to visit it, but we will explain the traditional one. You can start from via dei Tribunali, crossing the Greek-Roman Aqueduct, The War Museum, the Hypogeum Garden and the sismic station of Arianna. There is also another site to visit i.e Roman Theatre, where you can throughout a private residence.

Another important place to see in Naples is the Veiled Christ, a really masterpiece settled in Sansevero Chapel. People tells the veil of marble on the body was a veil of cloth, but it become  rocks thanks to a special fluid made up by Prince of San Severo, known as a famous alchemist. The masterpiece is not the only one in Sansevero Chapel, because it boasts many objects divided between sacred and profane.

Another important stop is Capodimonte Museum, founded in 1738 thanks to King Charles of Bourbon, he wanted to transform his hunting lodge in a museum to guard his Farnese collection. At the first level we find the paintings from the 13th to the 18th century, including the major works by Titian, Masaccio, Raphael and Botticelli. At the second level we find the works of Caravaggio and finally at the third floor there are the modern works of artist like Andy Warhol and Enzo Cucchi.

You must visit Posillipo and the famous Gaiola, a mysterious place that hides many legends and damnations, but also Marechiaro with its famous Scoglione it’s a place to see.

So Naples is really a fascinating city and it boasts priceless heritage for its landscapes and its culture, so you can’t lose the opportunity to visit it!



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