Heculaneum Ruins, a place to see

Posted on 06/29/2017

Heculaneum Ruins, a place to see

Pompeii Ruins are not the only archaeological site in the area, in fact, just a few kilometers from the city, the Herculaneum Ruins arise.

The city was founded in an archaic age and was originally occupied by the indigenous people, subsequently affected by the Sannitian, Greek, Etruscan influences until it was conquered by the Romans. The archaeological site preserves the testimony of the colony of Rome. The city is perched on the sea and like other Vesuvius towns, it was buried by the 79th-century Vesuvius eruption, creating a thickness of twenty-three meters. Herculaneum was brought to light following the excavations carried out by the Bourbons, as there was a random finding of a find at the ancient theater of the city.

The excavations lead the visitor to the discovery of the ancient Herculaneum in its urban fabric, the distribution of the houses, some located right in front of the sea, the magnificent spa complex, the sumptuous gymnasium and the monumental basilica. All the finds are in perfect condition for both wood and bronze parts, but noteworthy are the upgrades of the houses, which over time have remained intact and provide a complete picture for the visitor and the 'Residential construction, both of the various styles of Vesuvian painting.

Among the facilities on site, one of the most important is the Villa dei Papiri, located outside the city walls. The building was found in 1750, but exploration took place through the tunnels until 1761 and today it is a part not yet explored, since it was covered by over twenty-five meters of pyroclastic material following the eruptions of 79 and 1631 , Was also damaged by the 62nd earthquake, when it was under restoration. The villa belonged to L. Calpurnius Piso Pontifex or Appius Claudio Pulcher and within it were found 58 bronze and 21 marble statues.

Among the re-invented finds there was also a collection of more than 1,700 papyrus belonging to the home library, with philosophical texts both in Latin and in Greek. The villa has a rustic neighborhood centered on a giant garden that immersed water in a purely scenic channel, only in 2000, the unique beauty villa's styles and mosaics resurface.

In short, Herculaneum is an archaeological site of inestimable beauty and worth a visit!


Herculaneum, Corso Resina, 1, Via Alveo


Napoli-Sorrento line-Napoli-Poggiomarino line-Napoli-Torre Annunziata Line the stop is always Ercolano


For tourists the cost is 16 euro

For educational visits the cost is 10 euro


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