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Oplonti Ruins and Poppea's Villa

Posted on 06/29/2017

Oplonti Ruins and Poppea's Villa

If you are in Pompeii and need to visit the Excavations of Oplontis, the ancient name of Torre Annunziata. In fact, the town was a more peripheral area of ​​Pompeii, almost as a district of the city of Pompeii rather than a real city. The archaeological complex consists of two villas, but only Poppea Sabina, the second wife of Nero, can be visited at the moment. The site has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The residence is very large, indeed monumental, to the point of even containing a small spa complex. The structure is full of frescoes that recreate prospective games with fake architectural elements, such as doors or columns that embellish the walls with depictions of animals, fruit or masks.

During the Vesuvius eruption, the villa was uninhabited because it was in the process of being restructured, but many finds were found at its intent, most of which are jewels.

The second Villa is not yet accessible and is the so-called villa B attributed to a certain Lucius Crassius Tertius. Large amounts of stacked amphorae, weights and furnishings have been found inside, all this has meant that scholars thought that the structure was largely intended for warehouses and therefore most likely hosted a processing or marketing company of agricultural products coming from From the surroundings. Part of the structure was reserved for the domicile of the owner. Inside, in fact, frescoes were found. Jewelery and coins were also found in the building as well as the remains of 54 people who were probably there because they felt the safest place.

In short, Oplontis is an enchanting and rich history complex with charming landscapes and enchanting places.

Tickets € 22,00

Reduced: € 12.00

Free: the first Sunday of the month free entrance


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