The House of Amorini Dorati, the most beautiful ones in Pompeii Ruins

Posted on 06/29/2017

The House of Amorini Dorati, the most beautiful ones in Pompeii Ruins

The House of Amorini Dorati Immersed in the splendid setting of Pompeii Ruins. The structure takes this name after the finding of an ornament inside it, that boasts Amorini on golden lamellas. The house was one of the most beautiful in Pompeii, not for its size but for decorations and frescoes. From the inscriptions found, we realized that the house belonged to Poppeae gens, a very important and rich family of Pompeii, that seems to be related to the emperor of Nero through Poppea.

The two rooms on the sides of the entrance retained the first style decoration and were intended to accommodate the servitude. The lobby has been turned into a gable and is very bright, because a large amount of light enters in the peristyle. The tableland, on the other hand, preserves almost perfectly the original mosaic and the paintings of the walls, among which we recall the encounter between Paris and Elena.

The peristyle has a granite floor with white and coloured marble elements. It is the access point to the salon, presenting a rosette in the middle of the mosaic of the floor.

The paintings on the walls are wonderful, there we noticed Achilles between Patroclus and Briseide, and Tetide vis visiting the workshop of the Volcano God to look for weapons for Achilles and the escape of Jason and Medea. From this room it was possible to admire the wonderful view of the garden that was to be very well cared for. On the left of the garden you can access to the dedicated sacral space devoted to three Egyptian gods: Isis, Arpocrate and Serapide, side by side with God Anubis. Other objects belonging to the cult of Isis have been found also in other decorations.

On the other side there is a corridor perhaps used as a museum, featuring a statue of Venus, leading to a room with a solid yellow decoration. As for the most secluded cubicle, scholars wanted to give it an environment devoted solely to women, this was seen by the decorations and the closeness of the small garden far from prying eyes. The room is beautiful and finely decorated. The other cubicle, on the other hand, is almost entirely devoted to the loving theme.

The place is really impressive, not to mention the marvelous frescoes that boast the home. Well, it's worth to visit it!


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