The Wonders of the Vesuvius National Park

Posted on 06/18/2017

The Wonders of the Vesuvius National Park

Vesuvius is a conic volcano and it is surrounded by Monte Somma. The volcano has an elevation of 1,281 metres and it has a slope close to the Mount, called the Giant Valley, that is divided in turn from the Horse's Atrium to the West and to the Valley of Hell to the East. Initially it was not possible to get to the crater, but over the years there have been built paths for visitors, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views of Capri, Ischia and the splendid view of Pompeii Ruins. Vesuvius, besides enjoying a beautiful view, boasts vast flora and fauna. In detail we can say that the vegetation is typical of Mediterranean scrub, with myrtle, bush, laurel, raspberry and rosemary. On the slopes of Vesuvius there is a large expanse of broom and orchids. There are also large varieties of herbs like Valeriana, Artemisia and Elicriso. As far as fauna are concerned, however, the Fox is present in all habitats in the Vesuvian territory, the Faina, especially in the forest areas, and the Weasel, present above all in the area. So if you are in the area do not give up to immerse yourself in nature! Visit the Vesuvius National Park!

Below you will find all information to reach the site.

Circumvesuviana Train

In Naples the Circumvesuviana trains run from two stations including the main Central (Garibaldi) Station

From Naples journey times is about 20 minutes to Ercolano Scavi and 40 minutes to Pompeii.

From Sorrento journey times is about 50 minutes to Ercolano Scavi and 30 minutes to Pompeii.

Trains are cheap and crowded, the ticket offices do not take credit cards, cash only.

Ercolano Scavi To Mount Vesuvius

Ercolano Scavi is the closest station to Mount Vesuvius access. When you spill out of the train station there is normally a collection of taxi's and mini-buses that will take you to Mount Vesuvius.

Reviews on things like TripAdvisor have been very mixed, the main problem being around the logistics of the return leg,

Vesuvio Express Ercolano

There is a more formal shuttle bus service called Vesuvio Express that advertises on its web site that it runs every 40 minutes from Ercolano Station.

Pompeii To Mount Vesuvius

Although Pompeii is further from Mount Vesuvius the the bus options up to Mount Vesuvius are more mainstream tourist with firm timetables, established tour companies and advance purchase ticketing.

The main tour company from Pompeii, you will find both as you exit Pompeii Circumvesuviana Station.

Busvia del Vesuvio

The purpose designed vehicles of Busvia del Vesuvio, are certainly the most professional and the proposition being offered is also the best described in advance.

Departures run hourly from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 23 seat, air-conditioned vehicles.

The trip length is 2.5 hours and you can make reservations in advance on their web site.

EavBus / Sita Public Bus

The local bus company, EavBus / Sita operate a timetabled bus service between Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. The same buses are used on this route as any other public bus service in and around Pompeii.

The bus service runs crudely every 50 minutes through the day.

The bus stop is on the Piazza Anfiteatro, immediately outside the main entrance to Pompeii ruins. Note, this is not the entrance by the Pompeii Circumvesuviana Station but is within the town centre of Pompeii, a good 15 minute walk from Pompeii Circumvesuviana Station.

Opening time:

January, February, November and December

09: 00-15: 00

March and October

09: 00-16: 00

April, May, June and September

09: 00-17: 00

July and August:

09: 00-18: 00


You have to buy the ticket to visit Vesuvius National Park. It includes a guided tour on the volcano.

Ticket from € 8.00: For students of the schools of every order and degree, the university students with a letter of presentation signed by the School Manager; For citizens residing in the 13 communes of the park community bearing a recognition document attesting their actual residence.

Ticket from € 10.00: For any other visitor, including Travel Agencies and other touristic agencies who do not intend to use prepaid vouchers for guided tours to the crater.

Free admission: For children below 1.2 meters height only if accompanied by their parents. 100% disabled persons with a certificate and accompanying person.

Access to the crater:

It is possible to visit Mount Vesuvius all year except for days when climatic conditions are adverse. We recommend clothes suitable for a mountain trail that exceeds 1000 meters in height, as well as sunglasses, binoculars, camera.


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