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The use of Cookies

The site  ( uses Cookies to make our services easier and efficient for users that visit the pages of the site. The users that visit the Site will see the addiction of a small part of information about devices used, such as computers and mobile peripheral devices, in small text files called cookies saved in the directory used throughout the web browser of the user. There are a lot of types of cookie, some of them will make more efficient the use of the Site, other to enable specific functionalities.


Purposely our cookies enable to do the following actions:

  • Cookies memorize the inserted preferences,
  • You will avoid to insert again the same information more times during the visit such as username and password
  • They analyse the use of services and contents provided by to optimize the navigation experience and the offered services.

Types of Cookies

Technical Cookies

This type of cookie enables the right operation of some sections of the site. There are two types about this category:

  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device until they expire, and can therefore be used by our website on your subsequent visits.
  • Session cookies are held in memory and only exist during your visit to our website

These cookies, sent by our domain, are important to view the site in the right way and they will be used and sent forever unless users change the planning of the browser.

Analytical Cookies

In this category cookies are used to collect information about of the site. will use this information for statistic analysis to improve the use of the Site and to make contents more interesting and relevant according to user needs. This type of cookie will collect data anonymously about user activities and it will identify the way the user arrives on the site. 

Third Part Cookies

This type of cookie are used to collect the use of the Site about users in anonymous way, such as: visited pages, time of permanence, origins of traffic, geographic origins, age, gender, interests in order to marketing campaign. These cookies are sent by third part domains.

Cookies to integrate products and functions of third part software

This type of cookies integrates functionalities developed by third part into the pages of the site such as icons and expressed preferences in social network pages in order to share contents about the site or to use software services of third parts. These cookies are sent by domains of third parts and by partners of the site, offering their functionalities in the Site.

Profilation cookies

These cookies are important to create profiles in order to send advertising messages according to preferences expressed by users about the Site.

According to the regulations, doesn’t have to ask the consent about technical cookies and about analytics, because they are important to provide the required services.

About all the other types of cookies, users can express their consent with the following modalities:

  • Through specific browser configuration.
  • Through changes on the planning of uses of third part services.

Bothe these solutions can impede users to use some sections of the Site.

Websites and third part services

The Site could contain connections with other websites.They can have their own informative about privacy    that can be different then one so our Site will not respond about these sites.

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