POMPEII THEATRUM MUNDI, the return to the ancient theatre

POMPEII THEATRUM MUNDI, the return to the ancient theatre
Date: 06/15/2017 | Start: 11:00 | Ticket Price: 11.00 €

From 22 June to 23 July 2017 a new appointment will takes place at Teatro Grande of Pompei Ruins.The site will host POMPEII THEATRUM MUNDI, a theatrical program of the most famous drama works. The project is based on the collaboration between the Stable Theater of Naples and the Superintendence for a period of four years, the main purpose of this event is to promote and enhance the theater after its reopening. Pompeii Excavations will inaugurate a rich program of ancient dramaturgy on the suggestive background of Pompeii Ruins. Orestea, Prometheus, Antigone, Le Baccanti, Fedra works directed by De Fusco, Luconi, De Rosa, Cerciello, these are the titles of the cycle proposed by the archaeological site. But let's discover the works of art together!

From 22 to 25 June


The program will open on June 22 with Orestea of ​​Eschilo, which boasts the wise director of Luca De Fusco on production of the Stable Theater in Naples. The saga is the only testimony of the Greek classicism that ends today. The show will take place for four evenings, arriving at the Grande Teatro di Pompei, where it had to debut, after a two-year tour in Italy and abroad.

Prometheus of Sofocle from 30 June to 2 July

There will be the first national debut that will see actor Luca Lazzareschi as the protagonist. The production is in the Teatro Stabile of Naples. In this first show directed by Lucone we will find a whole Senegalese context because we will be in the scene of African musicians and the scene will be curated by the artist of Senegal Moussa Traore.

Antigone-An African story by Jean Anouilh 5 and 6 July

The show will have a French-language acting with subtitles in Italian. A work by Jean Anouilh's signature and suggesting the end of a three-year workshop conducted by director Massimo Luconi in Senegal with young Senegalese actors.

The group of six actors from Senegal joined Senegalese residents in Italy, Naples, to represent the choir. The show is produced by Third Piano Theater with the collaboration of th From July 14th to July 16th-Euripides Baubles

From 22 to 23 July

Seneca Fedra

In closing time, on the evening of 22 and 23 July we will see the representation of Fedra, directed by Carlo Cerciello, in the translation by Maurizio Bettini, concluding the cycle of the review. The show boasts the production of the INDA / National Institute of the Antique Drama - Onlus Foundation, after having performed at the Greek Theater in Siracusa.

In short, if you are visiting Naples or visiting Pompeii, do not miss this extraordinary event!



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