Pompeii and the Greeks,the exhibition with the meeting of two peoples

Pompeii and the Greeks,the exhibition with the meeting of  two peoples
Date: 07/12/2017 | Ticket Price: 13.00 €

"Pompeii and Greeks" is the famous event that will start on 12 April and will take place in Pompeii Ruins. The exhibition is organized and set up inside the Superintendence, all that thanks to the General Director of the excavations Massimo Osanna and Carlo Rescigno, of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli. The event is promoted by the Superintendence of Pompeii and the impeccable organization of Electa. "Pompeii and the Greeks" will be on stage from 12 April to 27 November 2017.

The exhibition explains, through a unique and evocative guided tour, the encounter between the two peoples, beginning with the origins of Pompeii, that was an Italic city with continuous relations with the Greek Mediterranean, and its escalation that led to it to be one of the most important center for commerce.

The event reports the work of artisans and decorative styles of the time, showing precious objects and identity of that period. An exhibit of finds will accompany the event with about 600 of ceramics, jewels and sculptures found in Pompeii, Stabiae, Sorrento, Cuma, Capua, Poseidonia, Metaponto, Satriano Tower and also inscriptions in the different languages ​​spoken then, namely Greek, Etruscan and Palaeuvian.

The objects belong to prestigious collections of National and European museums divided into 13 sections based on different themes. The exhibition was set up at the Grande Scava Gymnasium on Bernard Tschumi's project, so the room is provided of three immersive audiovisual installations designed by the Canadian GeM, Grapphic eMotion studio.

'Pompeii and Greeks' tells the public about the charm of the city through a unique experiential path for the visitor, bringing the history of the Mediterranean into all its declinations. The aim is to suggest a reflection on current migration and cultural conflicts, launching a bridge between present and past. The appointment is the first step of one a long planning, realized with the collaboration of Archaeological Museum of Naples, where an exhibition dedicated to Greek and Pompeii myths will be opened, using the thematic key of the metamorphosis.

In short, "Pompeii and the Greeks" is a real journey in the past to discover the origins of the city and peoples, but with a reference at the current social issues.


Pompeii, Large Palaestra           

Opening Times

From 14th April to 31st October

From 9.00 to 19.30

(last entrance at 18.00)

Closed 1st May


Standard 13 euro

Reduced 7,50 euro



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