Pompeii Ruins,the return of night events

Pompeii Ruins,the return of night events
Date: 07/12/2017 | Start: 21:11 | Ticket Price: 11.00 €

Programmig by night in Pompeii is starting with the evening appointments that in summer have always delighted tourists and curious people. The event was announced by the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini, who launched the news about the departure of visits by night of Pompeii Ruins thanks to initiative called Campania by Night.

The visits will starts On 8 July and will finish on27 August 2017, every Tuesday and Thursday, you can dive in the past and immerse yourself in the fantastic atmosphere of the Ruins, it will be even more magical thanks to the special lighting of more 400 led, which will make you experience a fantastic experience .

This new programming is a unique opportunity for the archaeological site and the Superintendency as a sign of reappearance after the collapse and will enable them to become a model for the good use of public funds. Surely the initiative will be welcomed by tourists and enthusiasts who visit the site every year.

The event will include a complete itinerary of the Pompeii Ruins and will be accompanied by the voices and sounds that were reminiscent of the old town's routine. You will discover the temples, places and buildings of the time, starting from the ancient Porta Marina. When you overcome the Suburban Spas, you will feel like you have returned to the past, immersed in the traders and craftsmen rutine, such as the Baker's shop and the Furius shop. An important stop is the Domus of Trittolema, where you will be entertained by the rhythm of drums and music of sacred ceremonies for Jupiter to the Capitolium.

The route also includes the passage for the Macellum, the old market and the Eumachia Building, the place where people worked. The route will end in the Basilica where 3D images of ancient houses and Pompeian gardens will be projected. You will admire decorations with frescoes, colorful plants and flowers.

In short Pompeii is magical in the day, but it's spectacular in the night and will live a unique and unrepeatable experience.

When: from 8 July to 24 August 2017 (Tuesday and Thursday)

Where: Pompeii Ruins

Timetable: at 21.00

Price: 11 euro 



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